During regular hours, contact the office 734-379-9611.
After hours, you can contact Dan Mercure, Jr., at 734-231-7861 or Dan Mercure, Sr., at 734-231-6717.
If neither is available, you can contact the company at the numbers listed below.

CompanyPhone NumberOnline Link
CompanyPhone NumberOnline Link
888-252-4626 Company Link
Towing 24 hrs/7 days888-869-2642N/A
800-527-3907Company Link
800-445-3030Company Link
800-628-0250Company Link
800-922-4050Company Link
Facility contact number on auto insurance certificateN/A
800-255-7131Company Link
800-925-2886<- Click payment logo on left
800-332-3226Company Link
800-347-7930Company Link