It is often said that life insurance is for you but it is for the ones you leave behind.

Life insurance can be a very difficult subject for many to want to discuss.  The process of figuring out which policy fits your needs best, applying for coverage and any medical exam is a small inconvenience compared to the years of hardship your loved ones could face if you are not around.  The goals and aspirations you have for your family can still be within reach if you take time and plan.

“I have life insurance from my job”, is a phrase I hear often.  Are you able to keep that policy if you lose your job? What if benefits get cut?  Is the amount enough to coverage five to ten years of your income?  If you own a business and something happens to you will there be money to keep it running?  You have put a lot of time and effort into it do you want to see it fall apart?  We can look at a policy to buy out a partner’s interests or replace income from a key person in your organization.

If you currently have a policy we can review it to see if it is enough coverage.  Did you buy a house, get married or have a child?

The younger you are the less expensive it is so why not get a quote today because you will never be younger than you are today.  Click here for a form to fill out to get the conversation started or call us at 734-379-9611.